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Do Annuities Qualify As An Insurance?

I received a few questions about why a site about annuities is included in our network about insurance (“”). I can certainly understand the question of course but I personally feel like it’s a no-brainer. If you think about, buying insurance is paying money in order to be protected from an uncertain event. There are differences but if you think about the main reason why investors buy annuities, it is to protect themselves from a very specific and critical risk: -running out of money at retirement Depending on the type of annuity that ends up being purchased, the buyer will

Is An Annuity Right For You?

As someone with a financial background and who works in the industry, I’m truly fascinated by annuities for so many different reasons. The fact is that they are gaining popularity. Why? Part of the reason is the fact that as company and government pensions become less certain, more and more people are starting to feel very worried about their retirement. Annuities are clearly not the best product for everyone but they do serve a purpose when used in the right way. The Number One Reason You’d Buy An Annuity If you are risk-averse and do not like the idea of

You Absolutely Need To Know Who’s Selling You An Annuity

Annuities are hot cakes these days, they are being sold left and right thanks to baby boomers that are retiring and worried that they may end up outliving their savings. For others, it’s not as much about worrying as it is about simply wanting to know, without any doubt, how much they’ll be able to spend in addition to any pension from the government or a former employer. It certainly adds a lot of security and transforms unknown into a known cash flow to come for as long as you and I need it. That’s Not To Say Annuities Are

Testing Your Annuity Program – Is It Well-Balanced

  There are a lot of reasons why you can or should use an annuity in a portfolio. By reading Annuity 101, I cover the characteristics and the pros and cons of the product. Here, I will cover a way to double check if your strategy using a particular annuity in your portfolio makes sense or not. We won’t try to evaluate if your current annuity (the one you already bought) is good or not but rather if the way you thought of balancing your portfolio in the coming years using annuity offers the best benefits possible. Testing your current

Timing Is Everything With Annuity

It is really important to know what is the best time to invest in and buy an annuity contract. Before going into the discussion, let me ask you some questions… -Would you go out and cut the grass of your backyard when it rains… or would it be wiser to wait until it dries out? -Would you call your friend at 2 o’clock in the morning knowing that he (and his wife AND his children are sleeping) or wait until the morning? Maybe some persons would answer yes at those questions saying: well, if that’s important I’m going to call

When Annuity Goes Agains’t You

When it comes to choosing an annuity for your retirement projects, it’s not the perfect timing to be last minute. Even more so when the only people that can help you in that area are those that are generously paid for making a transaction, right now! I’m going to tell you a story about a particular client that when from being really excited to totally depressed, because he lack some fundamentals and he got sold on a quick transaction. His name is Paul. He was 63 years old at the time he was considering making a change within his portfolio.

Annuity 101

When it comes to generating income for retirement, people don’t realize that many options are availlable to them. The first one, and probably the one the vast majority of people usually think about is the annuity. Let’s find out how it works. Basically, an annuity works just like a pension plan for someone that worked many years for a company. Meaning that a worker accumulates a significant sum of money throughout the years and, now that he is retired, converts this money into fixed and guaranteed payments for his lifetime or a certain number of years. Usually it is more

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