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Non-Qualified Annuity

The difference between a non-qualified annuity and a qualified annuity is its tax treatment. This is a fundamental difference that you must speak with your life insurance advisor or your accountant about to make sure you use the right source of money to buy your annuity. You will see how a non-qualified annuity has a tax advantage over the qualified annuity. A Non-Qualified Annuity is Purchased with After Tax Dollars Put in simple terms, the non-qualified annuity contract is bought with a cheque coming from your bank account. This is why we use the term “non-qualified” as it is not

Annuities & Retirement How to Retire Without Worries

lonWill I have enough money to retire? This is a question that most people are asking themselves. It gets even more crucial questions as you turn 50 and you see retirement coming forward. Governments won’t be the most generous around with their social pension plans, your employer is probably not under any guarantee to pay a fixed pension and your savings… well you simply hope to not retire before the next crisis. But what if you could enter in a contract guaranteeing you that you will get paid each month? No more worries, no more uncertainty, just a sustainable income

Is an Annuity Right for Me?

  If you have come to our site, chances are that you have been reading or hearing a lot of things about annuities. Since annuities are complex, they may have been simplified too much by some financial advisers which incurred horror stories ending in lawsuits. However, it is not because some investors got fooled by their advisers that annuities are evil. In fact, the right question should not be “is an annuity right for me?” but “which kind of annuity match my needs?”. Annuities can be customized according to your personal financial situation. You can also combine more than one

5 Points to Consider Prior to Buy an Annuity

If you are about to retire and you are looking for an additional income stream to support your life style, buying an annuity might be the best thing for you. However, annuities are more complex than most financial products. This is why it is so important to understand fully how the annuity works before entering in such contract. In order to help you making your decision, we have highlighted the top 5 point to consider prior to buy an annuity: #1 Don’t Invest if You Don’t Understand Most annuity contracts show several pages of complex financial terms and it’s not

How To Buy An Annuity With These 5 Transaction Steps

Many investors wonder about the exact process of buying an annuity. This article goes in details as of the process you have to go through prior to sign your annuity contract. You may also read more about who can sell annuities or how an annuity contract looks like. The very first step to buy an annuity is to buy with an agent or broker who will discuss your financial need. In an ideal world, the agent or broker will gather your personal information and build with you a retirement plan. The point is to help you through graphics and different

Fixed Annuity

The fixed annuity (also called a life annuity) contract is the most common type of annuity. The main purpose of this contract is to provide a lifelong income stream to the investor. The investor invests a lump sum of money in exchange of a set of periodic payments (mostly monthly) until the moment of his death.   Example of a Fixed Annuity Mr. Rogers is about to retire. His house is paid and he has some savings aside to insure a great retirement. However, he doesn’t want to see his portfolio value going up and down all the time. He

Term Certain Annuity

There are two types of what we call “fixed annuities”. The term “fixed” come from the payment of the annuity. Therefore, a fixed annuity is offering a fixed… payment. It is usually a monthly income stream that is paid during the time of the contract. This is where the two types of fixed annuities come: Life Annuity and Term Certain Annuity.   Life Annuity The life annuity is paid to the beneficiary upon his death. Once the beneficiary passes away, the remaining part of the annuity is left to the Life Insurance Company. This is a good product for investors

Indexed Annuity

You are looking for a guaranteed stream of income but you are not willing on quitting the stock market returns yet? Indexed annuities may be part of the answer for you. By definition, an indexed annuity investment return is linked to a market index. The most common index is the S&P 500. How Indexed Annuities Are Structured As opposed to fixed annuities, indexed annuities investment return is not known at the purchase time. Your initial investment is secured and you will not lose money through such contracts. There is also a minimum investment return included in indexed annuities. How can

Variable Annuity

You are looking to build your own pension plan with your hard earned money? Some advisers may talk to you about variable annuities. A variable annuity is an investment product where you accumulate your next egg in a tax deferred structure. At the time of withdrawal, you are allowed to buy an annuity generating a steady stream of income. Variable Annuities Structure Variable annuities are nothing like fixed annuities.  The value of payments you will receive at retirement is unknown and not guaranteed. In a variable annuity, the investor selects with the help of his rep a series of mutual

Insured Annuity Annuity

The insured annuity, also called back-to-back annuity, is a combination of two products: a life insurance and a fixed annuity. This product has been created for investors who seek both revenues and a guarantee of capital to be left to their heirs.   Back to Back Annuities Structure As previously mentioned, the back-to-back annuity is a simple combination of a life insurance covering the amount used to buy a fixed annuity.   The idea behind this structure is to provide income to the investor while he lives and still protect his assets to be given to his heirs upon his

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